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35:12 Taiwanese Label A Vinyl Recording Beatles Rubber Soul Album
08:31 The Best Beatles Album Is Rubber Soul!
14:02 Rubber Soul Album The Beatles
07:11 The Beatles Album Review Rubber Soul
41:08 Rubber Soul The Beatles Full Album Best Cover!!!
01:10 The Making Of Rubber Soul
01:58 The Greatest Album Of All Time Absolutely!! Revolver
02:33 Girl
02:27 The Beatles Get Back To Mono
28:06 Taiwanese Label Vinyl 10 Record Set Meet The Beatles Album
33:46 Beatles For Sale Album Taiwanese Label The Beatles
02:35 Nowhere Man The Beatles
01:24 Paul Mccartney Explains Rubber Soul Album Cover
38:21 Rubber Soul The 8 Bit Beatles
47:20 Stereo The Beatles ABBEY ROAD Taiwanese Label
05:49 The Beatles Rubber Soul Lp/ Mono / Pcm / Uk
41:09 Rubber Soul Full Album The Beatles