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03:01 A Very Sad Instrumental Music Pashto Gham Saaz
02:51 Pashto Sitar Very Sad Saz
05:40 Best Phusto Sitar
04:42 Pashto Ver Sad Saaz
03:12 Pashto Sitar Unknown track9
03:43 A Very Sad Instrumental Music For Broken Hearts
02:37 A Very Sad Instrumental Music For Broken Hearts 2
02:51 New Pashto Sad Music With Pashto Poem
06:30 Rubab From Afghanistan 3 Afghan Instrumental
03:33 Best Pashto Rabab Instrumental
03:35 Pashto New Rabab Songs Despacito In Rabab Rabab Music
03:58 Pashto Sad Piano Music Sad Piano Saaz Heart Touching Piano
05:07 Pashto New Songs Hd Rabab Instrumental Music By Gulab Afridi Friends Music
02:29 Pashto Very Sad Music
05:03 Rabab Sitar Tabla Instrumental Pashto Songs
03:53 Pashto New Beautiful Hd Heart Touching Sad Flute
05:26 Hd Mirror Relaxing Soothing Rabaab Instrumental Pashto Never Forget Music