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09:52 Champagne & Reefer WES JEANS BAND
07:31 Sweet Little Angel WES JEANS BAND
10:50 El Paso Sugar Sundown At Granada Nov 16 Lance Lopez & Wes Jeans
05:46 Lance Lopez & Wes Jeans
06:20 Wes Jeans "Use What You Got" Official Audio Video
05:48 Drownin On Dry Land Wes Jeans
08:32 Little Wing Wes Jeans
05:50 Wes Jeans "Drownin On Dry Land" Official Audio Video
03:25 Lance Lopez Doin The Bluez With Wes Jeans
09:18 Wes Jeans & Lance Lopez Dallas Hard Funk
09:45 Big Freakin Guitars From Texas Lance Lopez & Wes Jeans
05:26 Lance Lopez & Wes Jeans
04:25 Wes Jeans Dallas Flv
05:49 Heroes WES JEANS BAND
05:50 Drownin On Dry Land Wes Jeans
09:52 Five Long Years Bluesmen Channel Music Blues & Rock Wes Jeans
01:50 13 Yr Old Reece Malone Jamming With The Wes Jeans Trio