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01:08 We Came With Broken Teeth Sit There And Rot
32:22 We Re Packing Are You Full Album Wecamewithbrokenteeth
02:44 Eat Babies N Shit We Came With Broken Teeth
54:05 Sweet Sweet Rock Full Album WeCameWithBrokenTeeth
02:04 Gored By Dogs Electrogrind Wecamewithbrokenteeth WCWBT
02:56 We Came With Brokenteeth Mash On Ya Face Sucka
01:39 Tickle Me Elmo Wecamewithbrokenteeth
02:07 We Came With Broken Teeth Love A Train Wreck
01:34 Wcwbt Bus Meets Bike
01:45 Play With Your Insides WCWBT
01:24 We Came With Broken Teeth Brush Your Teeth
01:00 Rotting Wecamewithbrokenteeth
01:17 Lets Play Find The Body Wecamewithbrokenteeth
01:40 We Came With Broken Teeth Unamed New Shit
03:01 Bus Meets Bike At Half Speed Wecamewithbrokenteeth
01:33 Bus Meets Bike Wecamewithbrokenteeth
01:19 We Came With Broken Teeth Axe To The Face