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The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
The Secret Death of a Mentally Ill Heart Patient in a
Tennessee Jail and the Subsequent Cover-Up

At the time of Larry’s death, Shelby County Jail was already under federal overview by the U. S. Justice Department following suit by the U.S.A. One would think that overview by the United States Department of Justice would ensure openness and honesty from everyone connected with Larry’s death. Contrarily, for more than four years, all requests by Larry’s family to government entities, including the Justice Department, for reports, explanations, and accountability regarding my brother’s euthanasia have been ignored, or we were told no reports exist.

We attribute the fact that Larry’s family has never received any information explaining Larry’s incarceration and death to THE COCHRAN FIRM. Unfortunately, Larry’s family hired The Cochran Firm to file Larry’s wrongful death suit, never knowing that The Cochran Firm’s managing partner in the law firm’s Memphis office, Julian Bolton, Esq., had a vested interest in seeing to it that our suit against Shelby County Jail never got filed. [See Ex. 1 – Comm. Bolton.] I cannot begin to tell you how hurt we were to learn that The Cochran Firm deliberately tricked my grieving, elderly mother into signing a contract for legal representation which that law firm never had the smallest intention of honoring. Rather, it was necessary for The Cochran Firm to trick Larry’s family into believing we had lawyers so that no honest lawyer would ever get the opportunity to really work on our behalf and file suit against Shelby County Jail. Because we planned legal action, it was not surprising that Shelby County Government was not forthcoming with information about Larry’s incarceration and death. However, if Larry’s family had indeed had an honest attorney, those records would have been subpoenaed and released during discovery. That is exactly why The Cochran Firm contracted with my mother – to prevent her hiring an honest attorney with no conflict of interest in the matter of Larry’s wrongful death. [See Ex. 2 – Death Certificate.]

To what civil rights organization can disenfranchised people turn for assistance when they are aggrieved by African Americans in positions of power?

Please contact your congressional representative today and demand that hospitalization replace incarceration for the mentally ill people in your state.

Next, I offer a brief chronicle of my family’s fruitless efforts spanning over four years to get information and demand accountability for Larry’s death:

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