The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
The Secret Death of a Mentally Ill Heart Patient in a
Tennessee Jail and the Subsequent Cover-Up

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Ex# Document Link Description
01 Comm.Bolton The Shelby County Biography for Commissioner Julian Bolton.
02 Death Certificate The Death Certificate of Larry Neal.
03 Cochran Firm Contract The Retainer Contract between the Neals and the Cochran Firm.
04 Cochran Complaint The Complaint filed against the Cochran Firm for Fraud.
05 Response from CCGSS The response from Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk.
06 Cochran Firm Web Pages Scan captures of the Cochran Firm website.
06a More Web Pages More evidence found on the internet.
07 GA Sec. of State Search Results from the Georgia Secretary of State Business Search.
08 Letter from Brian L. Kuhn Letter from Shelby County Attorney, Brian Kuhn.
09 Smith Indictment Indictment of Shelby County Coroner.
10 Aggreement between USA v. Shelby County The Federal Settlement regarding conditions in the Shelby County Jail.
11 USDJ Letter & Reply Letter to US Dept. of Justice regarding status of inmate Larry Neal and official reply.
12 USDJ Report 7-26-2005 Subsequent report from the US Dept. of Justice regarding the death of inmate Larry Neal.
13 Letter to USDJ 03-29-2006 Letter to US Dept. of Justice regarding the request for information.
14 USDJ Report 8-15-2007 US Dept. of Justice reply to search request.
15 Order to Dismiss Order for Judgement by Georgia Superior Court.
16 Lt. re: Lost Pleadings Letter regarding lost Fulton County motion pleading.